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"Sons of Anarchy" is an American crime drama series created by Kurt Sutter that began to be issued in 2008 and finished in 2014. The show is about the story of Jax Teller and the motor club founded by his father: '' Sons of Anarchy'' (Based on the real Mc ''Hells Angels''). The series has 7 seasons and a total of 92 episodes.

"Sons of Anarchy" is a Californian motor club founded by John Teller. This club is like a job for its bikers since they earn money by doing different jobs at the club (normally illegal jobs) like porn, prostitution or sale of weapons. Our main character, Jax Teller, begins questioning the club and himself as after his father’s dead and the arrival of the new president (his stepfather), everything gets worse.

Jax has a son with health problems, as his mother, Jax’s ex-wife, is a drug addict and this is what majes the baby be born with treses problems.

Jax wants that his child don't grow up like his father, put the club on the right track for good but also he wants to distance from that life.

For me this is a really good series that reflects perfectly the crimes that are committed behind our backs, the wars that are fought in the streets (sometimes for our protection) and how the police hide them from us. The most amazing thing is watching this series thinking that in real life there are a lot of motor clubs that are more dangerous than the one in "Sons of Anarchy", and also women have an important role since although they don't ride, they aren't the typical ladies in distress. We can see Gemma, Tara, Wendy or June with a very strong personality in a mini matriarchal society.

Javier Díaz Pedrajas (2º BB)

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